Fuel Treatment Clean and Lubricate – Gasoline and Diesel


  • The additive for fuels, gasoline and diesel ZP-500 is a very efficient additive. Its unique formulation offers the benefits of a fuel stabilizer, a fuel conditioner, a fuel cleaner, a fuel lubricant and a cetane and octane activator. (fuel stabilizer, fuel conditioner, fuel cleaner, fuel lubricant and cetane catalyzer)


  • Increases combustion (combustibility) of fuels and gasoline
  • Significantly reduces the exhaust emission of black smoke


  • Improves cetane number by 2 points and octane by up to 10 points
  • Used with all types of fuels such as; gasoline, mixed gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, methanol, C12 and C16, heating oil
  • At the exhaust, black smoke will become imperceptible, GHG emissions will decrease significantly and it will reduce particulates and polluting emissions such as CO2, NOx, COx, SOx and HC
  • Quickly eliminates injection problems that momentarily cut off without warning due to the accumulation of varnish and carbon on the injectors because it acts as an effective diesel fuel injector cleaner



      Our products are free of: solvents, silicone, PTFE (Teflon® by DuPont), alcohol, lead,

      graphite, sulfate, soap, kerosene




APPLICATIONS:                                                                                                                                                               Bus, truck for; city delivery, highway transportation, bulk carrier, automobile, pick up, RV Cruise, etc.



  • The fuel additive ZP-500 is used in all types of climate, 12 months a year
    • Works in all type of engine, add ZP-500 at a routine ratio of 1 part for 1500 (1:1500)
    • For a car or pick-up using gasoline, 50ml (1.7 ounces) for 75 liters (20 US gal) every 2 - 3 refills until the container is empty. Repeat every 5000 km (3000 miles)


    • For a 10 or 12-wheeler diesel truck use 473 ml (16 ounces) for 750 liters (200 US gal)

               Note: No advantage to add more then recommended


    • For a two-stroke engine (engine that uses fuel mixed with oil), use a ratio of 1:1000 or 50ml (1.7oz) of ZP-500 for 50 liters (13 US gal) of fuel

               Note: No advantage to add more then recommended

  • Add the ZP-500 first before filling to allow even distribution

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