Trailer Tractor – 18 wheeler

Now that I’m using Adrenalube’s ZP-700 engine treatment, I change the oil around 50000 km (30000 miles) and have it analyzed to find out the condition of my engine. Previously, we changed the oil around 20 – 25000 km (12 – 15000 miles). That means that for 3 years I have had 2 changes per year less to pay (750$) and in addition I have 2 more days to drive.

Mario Bossé – Terrebonne, QC


See product used: ZP-700

automatic transmission does not slip 

Hyundai Accent

It’s in 2016 that my daughter’s Hyundai Accent automatic transmission slipped. I used the Adrenalube® ZP-600. Gear shifting returned to normal in just a few minutes and it still drives.

Richard Després – Brossard, QC

See product used: ZP-600

Gas economy

Caravan VR 32′

We make the trip from La Prairie, QC to Myrtle Beach, SC regularly and the consumption of our RV is generally from 34 to 35 L / 100 km. On the last trip, when we returned, I added the ZP-500 gasoline additive. Surprisingly consumption has decreased to 30 to 31 L / 100 km. I also found that the engine responded much better to acceleration. A drop of 4 to 5 liters is quite a difference when you know that when you go north, consumption increases.

François St-Pierre – La Prairie, QC

See product used: ZP-500

diesel Economy

Bulk transport – 12 wheeler dump truck

The consumption of my 12 wheel dumper has decreased from 55 L / 100 km to 49 L / 100 km since I used the Fuel Treatment ZP-500 in the diesel.

Pascal Simoneau – Sherbrooke, QC

See product used: ZP-500


Wheel Loader 

We have a loader to clear the yard which has 26,000 hours on the clock. The semi-automatic 4-speed transmission is defective and no longer engages 3rd and 4th gear. After injecting 1 bottle of ZP-600 it started to function normally ‘up shift & down shit’. I admit that I had serious doubts that the product could improve anything, but the results are there, thank you!

Garage Manager, Int’l Transport Inc. – Laval, QC

See product used: ZP-600


Chainsaw, RV – Yard Tools with small motors, etc.

Chain saw; I was using my chain saw for 1 hour at most because the exhaust fumes gave me very unpleasant stomach burns. Since using the ZP-500, I have been able to cut wood for 3 – 4 hours, I no longer have this discomfort and my saw is performing better than ever before.

VR Ford; Before, the consumption of my RV was 8.3 MPG. With the ZP-500 the VR runs at 10.1 MPG. The engine runs smoother too. I must mention that I used for this vehicle, the 4 treatment products, also for engine, automatic transmission and differential.

I used the ZP-500 and ZP-700 products for different small 2-stroke and 4-stroke small engines such as log splitter, generator, lawn mower, water pressure machine, brush cutter and leaf blower. I noticed a real difference using your product. Thank you so much!

Bruno Fortier – St-Ferdinand, QC

See product used: ZP-500


Heavy Equipment Excavation – Excavator, 10 wheel truck, 12 wheel dumper, etc.)

The weekly diesel expenses for our equipment are $2000. We used two products in the equipment, the ZP-500 for diesel and the ZP-700 for engines. We have made no changes to the way we drive or operate the machines. Consumption now stands at $1,700 per week.

James MacDonald, President, Provincial Pole Specialist – Tisdale, SK

See product used: ZP-500


scooter Bet Win – Dodge Journey – Hyundai Accent

My two cars, a 2011 Dodge Journey and a 2015 Hyundai Accent, are treated with Adrenalube oil and gasoline treatment. Seeing an increase in motor performance and fuel economy, I spoke to Pierre Beauchamp and told him that I also had a ‘Bet Win’ 250 cc 2009 scooter. He provided me with two bottles (50 ml) of the oil and gas treatment. After changing the oil, I added the two bottles, took the scooter for a spin, and felt a significant change in engine noise significantly. In addition, the engine was running smoother and at the same time with a little more “pep torque”. Thank you.

Jose Antonio Ferreira –  Longueuil, QC 

See product used: ZP-500



I tested Adrenalube’s ZP-700 engine treatment. Within a minute of adding the product, the idle RPM began to increase and when it stabilized, the needle reads 150 to 175 RPM more than usual. Since the engine runs more smoothly and it is more powerful also.

Marcel Tardif, Chartierville, QC

See product used: ZP-700


Wheel Loader

The wheel loader makes a screeching noise when braking. We used different additives without success because the noise was heard again after 2 – 3 weeks. Then we added ZP-600 and since then this problem has never reappeared.

Denis Boisvert, Chief Engineer, Pavage Inter Cité Inc. – Gatineau, QC

See product used: ZP-500


Volkswagen Golf

I put two Adrenalube products (ZP-500 & ZP-700) in my Golf. I’ve driven 200 more kilometers per tank since I started using the products. I never expected a performance improvement like that. WOW!

Nicolas Dussault – St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

See product used: ZP-500


Sub compact – Manual transmission

I live in Sherbrooke, QC and there is a good slope to climb before arriving home. I absolutely have to downshift from gear 3 to 2 so that my little Kia Rio can climb this slope. Since I put ZP-700 in the engine and ZP-500 in the tank the car goes up the slope on the third gear without problem. The increase in power surprised me a lot. If it happen that I run out of ZP-500 for several fill ups in a row, I have to downshift again from gear 3 to 2 to climb this slope. That made that I took the good habit to make sure not to miss some and in addition to this the engine runs smoother and is less noisy.

Alex Gauvin – Sherbrooke, QC

See product used: ZP-500


For the majority of our customers, the efficacy of the products seems more obvious when the demand for the component’s effort is greater. A vehicle will demonstrate a more marked drop in fuel consumption when the total mass is closer to its maximum load capacity. An oil analysis result will reveal a more pronounced drop in wear when the component is subjected to intense stress.

The benefits do not appear equally even for two identical vehicles. Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, driving, improving performance can be felt in a few minutes and for others it will take several weeks. We have seen in some cases that reaching a maximum performance increase (eg lower diesel consumption) took more than 70,000 kilometers before stabilizing at the peak.

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