Adrenalube: who, why and how


Adrenalube® provides additives for fuel and oil. Five highly effective products that provide superior lubrication to oil alone.

Introduced to products in 1992, I started with engine treatment. I had analyzed the parameters of the 6.2L of my GMC before. Compression rate, RPM, etc. The engine gained in compression, gained in revolutions per minute on the RPM and it vibrated less.

In 1996, I was buying from a Canadian distributor. This guy routinely had the oil taken from the equipment analyzed and he used a specialist in oil analysis interpretation to validate the results. I have seen several oil analyses results that confirm the effectiveness of the products.



Why did I start Adrenalube®? From the first day I bought more than for my personal needs and I gave it to anyone who wanted to hear it. In 2015 the brand was born.

Our mission is threefold: to offer the opportunity to consumers and contractors who own a vehicle or truck to — reduce energy costs — increase the useful life of oil and equipment — lower the impact of polluting emissions. Adrenalube® are effective additives. The results speak for themselves.



Since the brand was launched, according to feedback, fuel consumption has dropped by at least 4-5%. In 8 out of 10 cases, the reduction reaches 8 to 9%. In short, Fuel Treatment pays more than its cost price!

The fuel system is restored to a level of cleanliness like new. The cleanliness of the fuel system is essential. This aspect cannot be stressed enough to ensure that the engine runs at its best and at the lowest cost. Without the use of an additive, it clogs.

These days, mechanical tolerances are tighter than ever, fuel and maintenance are expensive. The use of a proven additive, with supporting evidence, is a wise choice.

See our case studies and customer testimonials. Experience it. That works!

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the products.

Welcome everyone.

Pierre J. Beauchamp

President / Owner